You could say ZoomInfo is the largest public company in Israel

“Our reputation in Israel hasn’t caught up with the market since our IPO, but ZoomInfo is now the largest company in Israel by market capitalization,” said ZoomInfo CEO Henry Schuck. “Our market cap is more than $30 billion, compared to NICE Systems, Check Point, or Solar Edge, all below $20b. We have our CTO in Israel, and 400 of our 3,000 employees are here, so I think it is valid to think of us as an Israeli company.”

Three years after the company’s acquisition, and more than a year after it went public on the Nasdaq market in the first IPO of the coronavirus era, the case for ZoomInfo as an Israeli company is compelling. The company provides business data and intelligence about people and companies to sales, marketing and recruiting professionals at more than 20,000 companies worldwide.

The original ZoomInfo was founded in Israel in 2000 as Eliyon Technologies, and rebranded as Zoom in 2005. The company was acquired in 2017 by US private equity firm Great Hill Partners for $240 million, and then by Washington-based DiscoverOrg in 2019 for $800m. Following that deal, the entire merged company was renamed ZoomInfo.

“Most of our software was developed in Israel, with help from our teams in Boston and elsewhere,” Schuck said. “As DiscoverOrg, we did a lot of things well, but we didn’t build a world-class engineering team. When we acquired Zoominfo, we got a world-class R&D and innovation team in Ra’anana, with 40 team members. Now, we have built a much larger business with ten times as many employees in Israel, and even more if you count our acquisitions here.”

ZoomInfo’s platform provides updated business intelligence on 100 million companies and 150 million individuals so marketers and recruiters can identify and reach potential targets as effectively as possible. “We receive signals from a wide variety of premium data sources, so you have the most updated information to work with,” Schuck said.

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