Building and Researching Solutions
That Will Make Substantial Changes

Our Story

Yonatan Labs (“YLabs”) was founded by Yonatan Stern, a serial entrepreneur with a history of founding successful tech companies, three of which were sold for a combined total of over $1 Billion. After Zoominfo, the latest company he founded,  was acquired, Yonatan decided to turn his full attention to Yonatan Labs. Ylabs focuses on creating and researching effective solutions that will make significant changes in various fields with a focus on machine intelligence, natural language understanding, and big data applications.

Our Ventures

Semantic Engine

Devising solutions and systems in the field of natural language understanding and machine intelligence


Bioforum is a clinical research organization (CRO) providing solutions for efficient collection, standardization and reporting of clinical data


Empowering DevOps management of Elasticsearch, one of
the most popular and complex open-source database systems

Company Incubation

Ylabs is partnering with and co-founding promising companies with plans for long term growth